Monday 5 October 2015

Trying out the YouTube LiveStream from PS4 - Evolve Kraken Lightning Strike Challenge

The latest PS4 Firmware 3.0 update brought some interesting features to the console.. and I wanted to try out the YouTube LiveStreaming feature.

Decided to LiveStream the Evolve Kraken Lightning Challenge, to help out in the community challenge..

As well as build up the hype for the Project TriForce's Kraken statue reveal! (And hopefully convince some friends to play Evolve with me)

Here's my video of the LiveStream.

Kinda rusty, playing as the Kraken.. so wasn't doing so well.. and dammit! Did they nerf the Banshee Mines?!

Anyway, thoughts about the LiveStream feature. This is my first ever LiveStream so there could be some 'obvious' stuff that I may or may not mention, so bear with me please.

There was a bit of lag time between the actual gameplay and the LiveStream (Say about 5-7 secs). Video Quality could be set to HD (720p) so that was pretty impressive. The video was also uploaded to my YouTube channel automatically, once the stream ended.

I must say.. The setup process was really easy. Considering it was my first time, I had to sign up and complete some verification but it was a very smooth process. 

I have yet to try inviting people to my stream, but I am really curious to see how it works. Would also want to test the lag time, if it's consistent. 

I'm not going to LiveStream full games and bore everyone.. I think there are plenty of YouTubers already doing that, who are much more entertaining.. But I'm looking at doing some streams with friends and some gaming communities. 

GTA V Crew sessions will be fun to stream, once the crew moves over! If you guys have any suggestions or any game you would like to watch me play, just let me know. Would love to meet more gaming friends through this!