Thursday 29 December 2016

XM Studios' The Darkness 1/4 Statue Collection pics

Let's begin this post by saying Woah!!

What an amazing beast of a statue! A fantastic masterpiece.. The presence of this statue is just phenomenal.. (I'm running out of fancy words here..)

I first got introduced to the Darkness series via the games. Loved those and I started following the comics. Such an awesome character and I feel this statue definitely captures the essence of it.

Also, yes I finally own a XM Studios' piece. A company from my own country, I have watched them grow from having a small booth at STGCC to taking the Statue world by storm. Can't call myself a XM Studios' collector yet but I'm definitely honoured to own 1 of their very best statues. Hopefully, they pick up some gaming licenses in the future and I'll definitely get a couple more from them.

This Statue has wow-ed me way before I even received it.. Having seen it at STGCC 2016 earlier this year, getting to know the weight and then now seeing, in person, the way XM Studios pack their statues, the Darkness Statue is just on another level..

Although it comes with a very hefty price, hopefully the pics will wow you..

Let's get on to the pics..

This heavyweight comes in a huge & steady box.

Strangely, I didn't even know that a print would be included in this so definitely a pleasant surprise..

Looks fantastic, gonna frame it up and display it behind the statue.

Holy shit! They even take their manual for assembly instructions very seriously..

The statue too..

There are many statues that don't receive the same amount of love for their bases but not this one. The amount of detail and complexity makes this look like a statue on it's own.

Even the insides of the mouth are well-detailed..

More Darklings..

and Darkness himself..

Overall, an absolutely amazing piece! XM Studios really didn't hold back and this isn't your traditional 1/4 statue. Huge, heavy and expensive. Perhaps not for everyone but just amazing nonetheless. I don't even know if the term, '1/4 Statue' is fitting, as it looks like a full diorama.

A huge contender for 'Statue of the Year' even with the tough competition it faces. No matter the outcome, this will go down as one of the finest collectible statues made.

I have it sitting atop by Gaming/TV console, it's an amazing piece to look at each time I enter my room. 

The wife is just disgusted at the sight of this and my oldest is a bit terrified of it, so that speaks volumes about this masterpiece!

Top notch!