Friday 3 February 2017

PCS Collectibles' 1/3 SubZero Collection Pics

The first of the PCS Collectibles' Mortal Kombat 1/3 line has arrived! SubZero, the Lin Kuei Ninja, as seen in his MK1 Costume in 1/3 Statue form!

Before we get to the statue itself, let's take a look at the Artbox..

Beautiful and massive! That's 1 huge box!

ES #304 of 350

Instructions & the famous gloves!

Some pics of the icy base..

Not too elaborate, and therefore not taking the focus away from the statue itself. It's a themed base however, with ice all over and the Lin Kuei symbol around the sides. Reminds me of that fight between SubZero and Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat Legacy webisodes..

 The thickness of it also contributes to the overall height of the statue giving it more presence in a display. Also, there's blood splatter on the ice because.. if you don't know why, keep scrolling..

Apart from the head and hands, the statue is 1 full piece which is makes the box as huge as it is.. Nicely packed as well..

This is how the base looks after putting in the statue..

Kind of wish there was a bit more texturing on the feet section as it looks really plain.

Closer look at the rest of his outfit..

Cloth material feels good. Again blood splatter all over..

The blue outfit is definitely not the same as the prototype. It's several shades lighter and while it does look more accurate to the original Mortal Kombat game, it does feel a bit strange to be shown something at PO and to receive another..

I feel that the community will be split over the choice of blue but nevertheless, it looks good.

Now for the hands.. On the left is the icy hand.

There's 2 switch-out right hands..

One as shown above.. and the other below with pegs..

For that Spine Rip Accessory..

The last pic shows the peg holes for the hand to hold on to the bloody and gruesome accessory..

Looks fantastic but I have a slight concern here.. Firstly, the peg holes are the only thing that's supporting the accessory, no magnets here. Once it's put in, it's definitely secure but when you move the statue about, it does wobble. 

Throughout this photoshoot, I have been rotating the statue around and it has not dropped so it should be fine but it's definitely a cause for concern if I'm going to display it without a case. Would have liked something a bit more secure, maybe a magnet or the accessory being sculpted together with the hand.

Secondly, for those who had the MK9 EX Kitana. had some issues where the hand would drop off because of the weight of the fan blades and the weak magnets. The magnet on SubZero is a lot stronger but there's still a slight worry that it could drop off someday.

Nothing alarming so far, but it's just something I'm a little concerned about..

Moving on to the head..


There was a bit of alarm when the first pics of this statue came out but as you can see here, it looks fantastic!


When taken out of the box, the bottom of the mask sits under his chin. I adjusted the mask to make it sit on his chin now, to give the head a rounder effect, which is closer to the original prototype..

Continue on to see the original pics I took. There's definitely a difference now..

Back to the hand without the Ripped Spine..

The Ice Ball lights up with this AC Adapter.. No USB or battery option here. And for those outside of the US, you might need a travel adapter to plug it into your power source..

Let's turn off the lights..

Ok maybe not all the lights..


and finally just a couple more shots with that beauty of an Artbox..

I'm more than pleased with how this has turned out.. Badass with a huge presence, this is going to look amazing in any collection. Had my reservations if it will all be worth it and I'm convinced! 1/3 Scorpion should be coming in from PCS this month hopefully and 1/3 Reptile soon after that. I just might have to hunt down the ladies and save up for that Goro PO coming up. Amazing!

One last one before I close.. Had to ask for a few favours so I could get the pics to you asap, so very thankful to those who helped and hopefully you can show some appreciation by hitting that 'Like' button below. Hope you enjoyed the pics!!