Thursday 6 April 2017

UbiCollectibles' Assassin's Creed Aveline Bust Collection Pics

The latest addition to the UbiCollectibles' Assassin's Creed Legacy Busts - Aveline!

It was definitely a pleasant surprise to see Aveline included in this line, especially after missing out on the full-sized figures that UbiCollectibles also produce.

Let's take a look at the box first..


and of course the Bust..

Impressive face sculpt..

Love how it turned out!

More pics..

I really like how she turned out.. Looks very close to herself from the game. I haven't gotten the Connor Bust yet but will take another group pic of all the Busts once I get that. 

Glad to see this line giving some love to Aveline and hopefully others like Adewale & Evie will also be getting the Bust treatment later.

Love it! For those in Singapore, Gamers n' Collectors still has a few pieces left of this, you can check it out.