Thursday 4 May 2017

Darksiders 3 Announced!

An announcement that almost made me weep tears of joy!

Darksiders 3, my friends! A series that I absolutely love!

I have been very fascinated with the art and the lore of the Darksiders games and was very disappointed when THQ closed down. Whether the series will continue was always suspect even with the constant rumours but to finally see it announced makes my inner child so happy.

While it isn't the biggest franchise, Darksiders has a very hardcore following that have been waiting for this very day. I got so many PMs from old friends on the night this announcement went live. People that I wanna high-five and bro-fist all day!

Well, it's finally here so here's the announcement trailer!

When a new publisher or studio picks up an existing franchise, it's always worrying to see how they will change the look and style to stamp their identity on the game.. but having watched the trailer..
It looks exactly the same!!!

So damn glad for that! THQ Nordic (previously known as Nordic Games) have not only employed a lot of the members from Vigil Games, the original team that worked on Darksiders 1 & 2, but have also kept it true to its nature. Though we have yet to hear if Creative Director, Joe Madureira, will be working on this game as well.

Some screenshots from the game..

From IGN...

"The game is set to be an open-world action-adventure that includes a focus on exploration and environmental puzzles, and will continue the series’ staple hack and slash combat with new protagonist, Fury.

It’s set around the same time as the events of Darksiders 2, which was released almost five years ago, and will follow Fury’s quest to destroy unique physical versions of of the Seven Deadly Sins."

Here's a video interview before Darksiders 2 was released and it tells us where Darksiders 2 fits into the chronology..

Well, I just can't wait.. and I think it's time to bring in the question of statues! We have some very cool Darksiders statues from different companies in the past but with the announcement of the 3rd game, I would like to see someone pickup the license and do all 4 Horsemen.

Twice I have heard the name HMO being linked to Darksiders. If it's true, that will be amazing news! Can't wait to hear more but at the moment, I'm just very happy that this franchise is still very much alive!