Tuesday 19 February 2019

Explaining Dead by Daylight to my kid...

So, was playing Dead by Daylight the other day, and my 6-year old daughter starts to get inquisitive..

I had this screen up when my kid walks in..

Daughter: Daddy, what game are you playing..
Me: Err,, I'm playing a catching game..
Daughter: Huh? Catching? Who's that?!
Me: Oh, he's a doctor..
Daughter: Daddy. why is the doctor playing catching? Who is he catching?
Me: He's catching the naughty patients who ran away from the hospital..
Daughter: Oh..
Me: (Feeling proud of myself for the smart answers) Yea, next time you don't take your medicines, this doctor will come after you.
Daughter: Ok.. Daddy...

(Wife walks past the room, shaking her head...)

Oh well, not my proudest Dad moment but I'm glad she didn't see anything violent.. I think..