Monday 15 July 2019

Marvel's Spider-Man 6-inch Marvel Legends Figure Collection Pics

Another addition to my Marvel's Spider-Man Gamerverse collection and I have to thank a friend for this amazing gift!

This is from the Marvel Legends series of 6-inch figures from Hasbro.

Nice packaging..

The figure comes with 2 sets of fists, clenched and web-shooting/rock-on. Also included are 2 webs..

Plenty of articulation points that makes this a very poseable figure.

The figure is definitely better looking and more durable than the 2-pack figure. Quite steady and very poseable but it definitely needs more villains or characters from the game to display with. Spider-Man collectors will be happy to have yet another version to add to their collection though.

Good stuff, definitely worth picking up if you want a Gamerverse Spider-Man for your collection or display.

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