Friday 15 May 2020

Ghost of Tsushima: Official Gameplay Presentation

Check out the official gameplay presentation of the upcoming game, Ghost of Tsushima.

Here are some of the features shown in this video..


- Visual cues to guide you towards new locations, missions, collectibles etc (via guiding winds, smokestacks, odd-shaped trees, animals).

- Players can return to visited locations with Fast Travel.


- Players can opt for a direct combat style true to a Samurai.

- Players can challenge enemies to lethal standoffs; taking them down in 1 quick strike. Parrying enemies open them up for a kill.

- Different combat stances are more effective against specific enemy types.

- Alternatively, players can choose to use a more stealthy approach, using distractions and other forms of tricks as a 'dishonourable ghost'.

- Some of Jin's arsenal include a samurai sword, a bow and a grappling hook.


- Jin will be customizable with different sets of armour which give different 'mechanical advantages'. Collect dye flowers to change the colour of your armour.

- Equip charms for different effects in combat and earn technique points to learn and upgrade skills.

Photo Mode

- Apart from the usual features like colour-grading, depth of field, there are new features that will compliment the motion and movement of the game.

- In Photo Mode, players can control the wind direction and speed, change the type of particles like leaves, fireflies and even the music for videos.

Japanese Voice Track

- For more authenticity, players can change the voice track of the game to Japanese with English subtitles.

Samurai Cinema

- For lovers of old-school Samurai movies, you can also change to this mode to a black & white, windy and film gained look.

Ghost of Tsushima will be releasing on July 17 and check back for more info in the coming weeks.

It's a rich open-world with plenty of exploration. In the few scenes we saw in the video, the environments look vastly different. There's a choice for playing a more direct combat style or stealth. 

The different modes will warrant at least 2 play-throughs for me and Photo Mode is going to make those playthroughs a whole lot longer than it should!

Very hyped for this game, actually even more so than for The Last of Us Part II. What do you guys think?


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