Tuesday 23 June 2020

Collection Pics: Storm Collectibles' Mortal Kombat 1:12 Klassic Baraka

More pics of my Storm Collectibles' Mortal Kombat figure collection, this time it's Baraka!

Check out all the pics below!

Some pics of the display box..

Taking the figure out..

Laying out all the accessories...

- 2 alternate heads
- 4 pairs of hands
- Retracted and extended blades
- 2 pairs of blood effects (For shoulders and neck)
- Blade spark effect

Trying out the different accessories..

Pretty solid figure and having been following this line, it's a nice change from the numerous ninjas (which I'm not complaining about). The bloody effects also suit his attacks very well.

Only complaint is that I wish the blade spark effect could have been attached to his hands somehow. Do I need a special stand just for this?

Do check out more pics over at my Instagram account, @drjengo including the blood effects. 

He joins the other figures in the collection!