Sunday 1 August 2021

Red Dead Online (Jul 27 - Aug 3 2021): Blood Money Update - Ember of the East

The 2nd Opportunity in the Blood Money update was released this week, giving players the chance to steal the Ember of the East.

The Ember of the East is also the 2nd Opportunity in the Jewels of the West story line.

Players who complete the Ember of the East by August 2 on Ruthless difficulty will unlock the Annesburg Cap that can be purchased by Madam Nazar.

This comes in 4 colour variants and cost $190 each.

Great to be playing with fellow crew members and we successfully completed it on the Ruthless difficulty! Sucks that I didn't even like the caps but it was fun and will be looking forward for the 3rd and final challenge.

Having fun, do come join me on RDR Online and if you are from Singapore, do join my Singapore Crew, Temasek Thugs!