Saturday 11 October 2014

Evolve is having a Alpha Test this Halloween! All Alpha Codes here!

Evolve is going to have it's 'Big Alpha' test starting Oct 30th on XBox One and Oct 31st on PC & PS4.

So how do you participate in the Alpha Test?

For US citizens, it looks pretty straightforward. Just check out the 2K Support Page.

As for the rest of us, it looks like we have to try our luck. There are a couple of codes going around on various sites. All you need to do is find the codes and enter the relevant info on the Evolve Big Alpha website and hope you get selected. I'll try to list down all the different codes that I can find.

Check out the trailer first!

Known Codes

For PC only
(No Referral Code)
Registration Code: 11197-10708-89072

Referral Code: PCGamer4v1
Registration Code: 66124-00509-64155
Source: PCGamer
(Added 29th Oct)

For PS4 only
Referral Code: PlayStation4v1
Registration Code: 63334-59648-17396

For XBox One only
Referral Code: Xbox4VOne
Registration Code: 44549-09164-02289

For All Platforms
Referral Code: EVOLVETOWIN
Registration Code: 08347-97365-66457

Referral Code: JOINTHEHUNT
Registration Code: 08181-93807-62466

Referral Code: JOINTHEHUNT
Registration Code: 84338-34522-50463

Referral Code: Starthuntingnow
Registration Code: 87922-50456-20696

Registration Code: 79582-10185-43756
(Added 24th Oct)

Referral Code: WeWantToHunt
Registration Code: 88576-04572-49491
(Added 24th Oct)

Referral Code: Evolve@GS
Registration Code: 83025-24438-25669
(Added 27th Oct)

Referral Code: EvolveBigAlpha4v1
Registration Code: 05379-29749-32069
(Added 29th Oct)

Good luck everyone! Hope to see you in the Big Alpha!

For more info and list of countries eligible for the Alpha Test, check out the 2K support page.