Wednesday 15 October 2014

Mortal Kombat Comics - IGN's interview with writer Shawn Kittelsen

So, you have heard the news

Now, check out IGN's exclusive interview with the MK X Comics' writer, Shawn Kittelsen.

Good stuff! There's going to be some new characters that will appear in the comics. Cassie Cage's backstory will be explored, including her relationship with her parents, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. (That feels so weird, just saying it...)

Kotal Kahn's story will also be told in the comics and Shawn goes on to ssay that Liu Kang is 1 character that he cannot leave out from the comics, so expect him to appear in some form.

2 more artwork have also surfaced since the announcement..

First pic is of a Red Dragon member, some are guessing he's the doctor who operated on Kano and Kabal.

2nd pics is of a Ninja with a Scorpion emblem... Shirai Ryu or Hanzo Hasashi himself?

So pumped up for January 2015 when the first issue releases.. I doubt there would have been so much hoohaa over a comic series that's going to last just 6 issues, so it looks like we will have a full comic series. Someone tell me where to pre-order!