Thursday 9 October 2014

Project TriForce's Evolve Goliath Statue is a Goliath!

A dream come true.. Sort of!

Project TriForce will be releasing a Goliath Statue from the game, Evolve.

Ever since, I first tried out the game at 2k Asia's Office, I have been asking for a Goliath Statue, possibly a small one included in a Collector's Edition of the game. 

No CE for Evolve as of now, but it's a pleasant surpise that TriForce will be doing a Statue of Goliath, the first monster announced for the game. 

TriForce, however, doesn't seem to like small things. They have always gone big on most of their stuff and for a monster named Goliath, they have decided to do a big one. 

This Premier Scale Statue is measured at 29 inches tall, 22 inches wide, 25 inches long and will weigh a massive 35lbs. That's huge! Comes with LED effects as well.

Pre-orders are already open for a Q2 2015 release and this will be limited to 500pcs only.

And.. it's gonna cost a whopping US$750. Kind of expected for a monstrous statue of this scale. Truly wasn't expecting something this huge for my collection. A decent 10-12 inch statue would have sufficed.

There's also a Limited Edition version of this - A Savage Goliath skin variant.

The Savage Goliath Skin is one of the pre-order bonuses for the game and you can own it in Statue form, right here. The LE version is limited to only 150 pieces and at US$800!

This was initially only open to pre-order at the TriForce booth #636 @NYCC 2014.. but was also recently open to online pre-orders at TriForce's website.

I'm so freaking tempted to go ahead with a pre-order for this but the price just seems too much for me, especially for a franchise I'm not sure how much I'm gonna love. Had plenty of fun at the trial events, with this game but US$800 for a statue is a bit much. 

I was ready to purchase anything from Evolve, should a good line of figures or statues be announced but I certainly wasn't expecting this gigantic statue.

I will need to love this franchise as much as I love Assassin's Creed or Mortal Kombat for me to splurge that much money on a statue.

Hopfully, it won't be too late by then, considering there's only 150 pieces of this :(