Monday 13 October 2014

New Komic Series for Mortal Kombat X!

An announcement has been made at NYCC 2014 that there will be a digital comic series for Mortal Kombat X

The comic series will stay true to the foundation story laid down in Mortal Kombat 9, and will serve as a prequel to the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

IGN also reports that the 'entire roster of characters' from the franchise's history are at the writers' disposal, so we could see characters who might not be in Mortal Kombat X.

Excerpt from the press release, "The series is being written by Shawn Kittelsen with interior art by Dexter Soy and covers by Ivan Reis".

Some art from the comics..

I'm very excited for this. Been wishing for a solid Mortal Kombat comic series and this looks to have some potential. There's no mention about how long this comic series will last but I'm hoping it will be a long-running series rather than a short 6-part mini series that a lot of games are accompanied with.

With the entire roster of characters available, this is a excellent opportunity to dig deep into the lore of this franchise. There's plenty of stories to tell, characters to develop and plots to expand. 

Perhaps the comics will explain who Mortal Kombat X's SubZero is.. and what happens to all the dead EarthRealm warriors? Let's see..