Thursday 23 October 2014

GameStart Asia - SouthEast Asia's Premier Game Convention

E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, PAX etc etc.. 

Gamers in Singapore and Southeast Asia have heard all about these events... and every year, a lot of us attend these gaming conventions without fail.. virtually. Thanks to live-stream feeds direct from these conventions, we are able to experience all the excitement. No matter the time, we will be there.

Of course, nothing compares to actually being there.. which is why gamers here have long wished for a similar gaming event right here in our region. 

That wait is finally over... Southeast Asia will be having it's very own gaming convention, GameStart and it will be held right here in Singapore!

Held this weekend at the Suntec Convention Centre, it will be a 2-day event with lots of games, exclusive deals, special guests and lots more.

While there is hope and excitement for the inaugural gaming convention, there is also concern that it will end up in the list of gaming events that have tried and failed.

As a gamer myself, I don't want to be pessimistic. In fact, I'll be the first to say that I want this game to succeed.

But is it possible? As the cliche goes.. "It's easier said than done".

Will there be enough fans in the region? Will gaming companies support the event? Even then.. will it even be financially feasible?

Maybe a few years ago, it wouldn't but I feel times has changed and now is as good a time as ever. Coincidentally, just over a year ago, I had a serious chat with a friend about the possibility of starting a gaming event. We felt the time was right and looking at several factors, it was the perfect time to start.

Ok, don't laugh.. But yea that was it. It was a genuine and serious idea but we didn't have the 'know-how' on how to actually go about hosting an event of this magnitude. Of course, we left it at that. 

So, I was a little disturbed when I saw that someone else 'stole our idea' when I first saw the announcement of GameStart. Haha!

Of course, I'm personally backing the organisers of GameStart to have a successful event and I have great hopes for the years to come that GameStart will eventually be compared to the likes of E3, Gamescon and the other big gaming events.

So, if you haven't bought your tickets for GameStart, I strongly urge you to head down to the retailers and get your tickets now. It's just $8.50 for a 1-day entrance or $15 for both days. Plenty of awesome stuff at the convention, you will be crazy to miss it.

Over the next few days, I will be blogging about what you can expect at GameStart and also what I'm looking forward to check out at the convention. I will talk about the fantastic line-up of games, the exclusive deals, the prizes etc etc.

Of course, I will also share my experience at GameStart itself, what I think about the games I have tried and hopefully some pics of the swag I managed to win. Do keep checking back on my blog, in the next few days for all the news!

I will also be updating my Instagram live from the event with plenty of pics so do follow me on Instagram to see all the pics!

My Instagram: DrJengo
The rest of my GameStart 2014 coverage: #GameStart2014

Have fun and hope to see you there!