Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Death comes for All trailer

Death comes for all. Nothing special since we are all going to die one day? Not when Death is a beast on a horse with a huge-ass Scythe!

Epic soundtrack.. I see War or is it? Looks like a dark version of War. I also see Samael. Super cool fella. This is the first time I'm seeing War and Samael in Darksiders 2. There were hints that they will make an appearance but seeing is believing, don't you think? Still no sign of the other 2 horsemen though.

Come to think of it, Darksiders 2 is just 2 weeks away. Time really flies. I need to stop blogging and play through the first Darksiders again. Not easy when I'm hooked on Max Payne 3's multiplayer and Diablo 3.

Source: Youtube (DarksidersCommunity)


  1. Hey :) Nice to see another CE member blogging!

    Loving the pics, really need to get on top of all of my picture taking, but there's so much to do, and not enough time to do it!

    Check mine out: www.collectingasylum.com


  2. Hey V, thanks for the comment. Nice to know that you blog too. Will be sure to check it out once I'm done typing this.

    Do the photo-taking in batches was my style. Take a few, do the editing, and see if I needed to retake some photos. Keep repeating and soon you will be done. It's just way too tiring taking all the photos at once.