Monday 9 July 2012

Spec Ops: The Line swag!!!

Ok, here's the gist... I'm a guy who has horrible luck in contests.. No, seriously! I don't win lucky draws, contests, lottery, you name it. Anything that has the component of luck just doesn't include me. Even freebies! They are given out completely before I get one!

So when I was a winner in 2k Games Asia's Spec Ops: The Line contest, I was ecstatic! So what if I had not played the game before. A contest is a contest! Free stuff is Free Stuff! To win something is great, but to actually win something really cool is really unbelievable. 

So I made my way down to 2k Games Asia's office today to collect my prize and was I amazed. Their office is really cool and those guys are really lucky to be working there. The 2 staff, Chris and Diana, who met up with me to pass me the prize, were very friendly and I had a memorable time chatting with them about games and some of their upcoming plans. (Borderlands fans, keep watch out for some very interesting news!) I had a wonderful and memorable experience, even though it was just a short visit. Hope to visit them again sometime soon! So, if you do get a chance to win something and are in their office, don't just grab your prize and rush off. Do seize the opportunity to have a chat with the staff, if they are not too busy of course.

I did check out the game demo and was impressed, reviews are saying the storyline is good. I'll probably be getting this game sometime soon. According to one of the 2k Games Asia's staff, the ending is a "mind-fuck"! 

Anyway, here are the pics of the stuff that I won..

Was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shirt, it's really good and comfortable. To be honest, I have never considered wearing gaming apparel out in public but the T-Shirt is really badass so I'll gladly wear it out. So if you happen to see the person in the picture below, that's me!