Saturday 24 November 2012

Assassin's Creed 3 US Limited Edition

Finally the last of the Assassin's Creed 3 Collector's Editions is in. Pre-ordered this with a local retailer in Singapore and with delays because of Hurricane Sandy and a lost package last "seen" in Saudi Arabia of all places, the 4th of my Assassin's Creed 3 CEs is finally in my hands! 

The boss was nice enough to arrange for free delivery to my residence because of the delays tough..

Box came in nice and mint, no visible dents or scratches so thankful for that.

On to pics..

Connor Statue
Going to keep it sealed in it's plastic clam shell as I will be selling it away. Already have this from the Freedom Edition so don't need another one, as much as it's tempting to flood my display with another, haha! If you wanna see more pics of this statue, see my post on the Freedom Edition.

The rest of the contents comes in this box.
A White Box.. Not pure white, it has some design on it, but still pretty white. For all of Ubisoft's brilliant artwork, they decided not to use any for this box.. No words.. No artwork.. No Assassin's Creed emblem.. nothing.. just white..

I know it isn't the most important thing and it's not the box cover but still.. When I took this out, I flipped it over to see the back (Actually what I thought was the front where the design was..) but there was nothing. It did say "AC3 tray" or something like that one of the sides but still very peculiar not to use any artwork on the box.. err tray..

Well then again.. it is what's inside that's more important..
Neat! Like this concept!

4 Exclusive Missions only on PS3! Reminding us why PS3 rocks!

A Sponge? Nah.. This is the Metal Belt Buckle.. Don't really have a use for it plus I feel it wouldn't make really make a nice display item so decided to sell it off. So keeping it sealed and mint..

Here's a pic I grabbed off the internet if you wanna see how it looks like..
 George Washington's Journal
 It didn't come with the bookmark like the ones in the 2 UK editions. Not sure if someone forgot to put it in or the US editions don't come with it. I guess the people in the US don't really bookmarks.. they read entire books in 1 sitting! Good for you Speed-Reading Americans!!

Assassin's Creed Flag
Very nice and huge flag. Good quality too! Bought this edition mostly for this item.. and very pleased with it. Where I'm going to display this remains to be seen. Hopefully no one mistakes this for the US Flag and asks me stupid questions..

Overall a very nice Edition with plenty of goodies. The flag and belt buckle is exclusive to this CE. Statue is fantastic and the Journal is a nice extra and serves as a art book as well but you have to read in 1 go.. ;)

Have a few extras like the statue, journals, belt buckle and possibly even the boxes, so drop me a mail at if you are interested..

Do return to my blog soon to see the final item in my Assassin's Creed 3 Collection!