Wednesday 28 November 2012

Why I love games with good storylines?

My parcel from Amazon came in last week! Much earlier than expected! Expected delivery date was stated as Dec 13, so it was a very pleasant surprise.

The Assassin's Creed 3 Collector's guidebook is also included in this lot so with that, my Assassin's Creed 3 Collection has been concluded for now. Everything I have purchased and pre-ordered with AC3 is also in. Everything from AC3 I wanted for my collection is here. Only the Oliver Bowden novel for AC3 which will be released end of the year as well as NECA figures perhaps?

Plenty of good reading material.. Love these books and novels that expand the story of these games I love. 

I'm a big fan of games that tell a good story. If the game has an intriguing and captivating storyline with good character development, chances are, I will like it.. Don't have an interesting story to tell or if the game has a confusing and shitty plot, most probably I will be skipping it.

One of the most important aspect for me in a game is the story. Strong characters are also a strong plus point. I rate games like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed and Red Dead Redemption very highly because of the importance they give to these points. 

Sitting through hours of game play can get boring if there isn't a good plot. Personally some games I love don't get the same positive reviews from others. They complain about controls, visuals, fighting sequences etc.. Somehow these don't appear as major faults to me as I'm too distracted by the story itself. I think of myself as a kid sitting there open-mouthed while an adult tells me tales of how he sailed the seven seas. So what if I'm not getting the best experience? The good story-telling is enough to captivate me. 

Of course I want to hear more tales.. likewise with the games I play now.. Most of the books above expand on the lore of the games, with epilogues, prologues, new characters etc.. Games now have more stories to tell apart from their games and I'm just a eager little boy who wants to hear a good story..