Sunday 27 January 2013

Found those Darkling Figures!

Its' been a long search for these.. and I finally got them for a steal. 

Card looks to be in pretty condition for a figure that was released back in 2001 I believe..

But of course, like always, I buy figures to display...
The Darklings, minions of The Darkness.. These crazy little ones that The Darkness releases to do his bidding.

They come with their own gun accessories..
Not sure if they are meant for the Darkness figure or for the Darklings, so I'll just leave them with the Darklings for now..

Back view, there is a number on one of the Darklings which I believe is the edition no.

So finally my Darkness figure has his Darklings to accompany him..
Nice stuff.. Didn't have to break the bank to get hold of these old figures so I'm happy with that. Just wish I could say the same for all the stuff I get.. haha!