Tuesday 15 January 2013

Singapore Gamers, new Singapore Gaming Forum!

All you Singaporean Gamers! There's a new forum, Singapore Gamers that went live a few weeks back. Do check them out at SGamers.org

Still a bit fresh but the community is growing by the day, most of the members are actually from another gaming forum, Gameaxis.com which is filled with spam bots these days. 

There's also a feature at Singapore Gamers where you can set up your own sub-forum for your clan or guilds if you wish.

The good people in their admin team have also urged me to set up my Rockstar Social Club Crew's forum there so do join Temasek Thugs here. I thought why not since the crew doesn't have a place where we can meet and chat. Temasek Thugs are actively recruiting and awaiting GTA V. Of course meanwhile, you can join us on Max Payne 3's Multiplayer.

Check out Temasek Thugs!