Friday 13 September 2013

Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 coming on September 26!

We finally have a premiere date for the 2nd Season of the Mortal Kombat Legacy Web-Series.. The tournament will start on March 26!

Here's the trailer..

It's looking good, despite the very contemporary modern theme. It's a little disappointing as some of it seems to be moving away from the source material & origins but the action looks awesome.

There's going to be fatalities and some new characters which we didn't see in the first season. For some of those characters returning, but with different actors, I can't make up my mind who I prefer.

It's too early to say anyway considering Season 2 hasn't even started, so I'll reserve my judgment.

For more details on Season 2, you can check out IGN's article

Still no updates on the feature film yet but I'm really crossing my fingers for it to be awesome.