Saturday, 28 September 2013

Got it!

Got the Gold Collar for Chop in the iFruit app. Yesterday I mentioned that to earn the Gold Collar, you will need to achieve a Gold medal in each of the 3 Chop Mini-Games and today I proudly present to you...

I have no idea why the background has changed overnight though.. Don't remember installing an update for the iFruit app..

Anyway, yes I have earned the Gold Collar for Chop and here he is in the game..

It isn't too difficult to score in the mini-games but scoring is a little tricky. Still.. very achievable if you ask me..


  1. the background changed because franklin moved to a new house, i also noticed CR increase faster when moved to new house.

    1. Ahh.. didn't realise that. That's pretty cool to see it being reflected on the iFruit App as well. Nice catch bro!