Saturday 5 October 2013

GTA Online

I almost forgot I had a blog..

Nah just kidding! But it's been a while since I posted.. Most of you would have known what I have been busy with.. Yes it's GTA, GTA and GTA Online!

After the messy first day, GTA Online has been rather stable, at least for me. Only at level 8 right now but still lucky enough not to get affected by any resets.

It's been fun actually. Online starts off a bit slow and possibly a little confusing but you will get the hang of it quick. Anyway, here's to share my experience so far..

After the tutorial where you do a race and a collection, you are entered into the world of GTA Online. It's evident from the get-go that the Online mode isn't just there for the sake of it, and I doubt anyone expects it to be. Rockstar has made it clear that GTA Online is the next biggest thing in gaming after... GTA V.

GTA Online has it's own story mode with full-blown cut-scenes and dialogues for several missions. These introductions and hints are vital to give you a run-down of how to go about completing your mission, in case you decide to jump straight into GTA Online before you tried GTA V.

I have played a couple of hours in GTA Online but have so far only been doing repo missions and package collections. Since the Online mode is like the story mode, I guess the missions are progressive as well so the heists will probably come in later. I'm sure Rockstar was aware that if all the missions are available from the start, everyone will just be doing heists.. Right? So yea, it's a good way to let everyone try the different mission types I guess.

There are different jobs and missions available to you and different ways of accessing them. 

The story missions are sent via text to you and are called "jobs". One of the NPCs sends you a message and it appears on the job list. Select it and you have the option of inviting several friends to join you on the misson. How many you can invite varies for each mission.

The Online is set up well where you can send out quick invites to all friends, all crew members, all lobby players or select accordingly from each list depending on your preference. I find this incredibly useful as I can quick-send invites to all my Temasek Thugs crew members to join me. Limited no. of players per mission means it's first-come-first-served however.

Another selection of missions are available on the pause menu under Playlists. Your standard death-matches, races and team death-matches with objectives can be found here. Great for playing several games in quick succession with the same group of players, with the option of inviting new players in after each game. Again, very useful for me as a Crew Leader to play together with my crew members & friends without having to start up a new mission each time. All players can vote to decide on the next match.

These missions can also be found by driving to the different points in the map and activating them. All these missions earn you Reputation Points and Cash. Reputation Points to level up and Cash for spending. Everything and anything that you need will require cash. From homes and garages to clothes for your character will require lots of cash.

There are other ways of earning cash as well. A popular one is robbing stores. You can also steal cars and sell them at Los Santos Garages. I'm sure there are plenty more ways to earn cash so not to worry.
After robbing a store and evading the cops, what better way to celebrate than to take a selfie?
One of my questions before going online was how owning a car would work? If I buy a car and accidentally destroy it or lose it, will the car respawn? Well GTA Online has a unique feature where you track and insure your car so that there will be an icon on the map pin-pointing it's location and if it gets destroyed, you can claim the insurance to cover the costs. Pretty cool and very realistic!

However, GTA Online doesn't seem to have an assist-aim disabled and this has been very disastrous for me. I'm quite bad at free-aiming with a controller.. actually I'm horrible! I have been nowhere near decent with free-aim in Red Dead Redemption or Max Payne 3 so it's going to be horrible playing the competitive modes. Just hope that Rockstar enables assist-aim in GTA Online or I have to do some serious training.. 

Other than that, I have really enjoyed GTA Online so far... playing with many crew members, making new acquaintances, meeting several old-timers from Red Dead Redemption's Multiplayer, who still remember the experiences we shared back then, has been really cool. 

Just can't wait to start on the heists though... What about you guys? How's your GTA Online experience so far?