Wednesday 23 October 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition pics

Haha I know.. I know.. this was supposed to be a long time back and a couple of you have been requesting for it. Sorry guys, was really busy with GTA V!

Anyway.. here are the pics!

The box inside the box...
Removing the cover..
The Steelbook - Rockstar's first Steelbook
Back of the Steelbook
DLC Code Voucher
The Blueprint Map
Safety Deposit Bag
The key
The Cap
Out of the box..
Opening the steelbook...
Have to be really honest.. for the price of this Collector's Edition, I don't see how it's worth the price. I'm not talking about a dollar for dollar value for money. It can be argued if it's worth the price for a lot of CEs but when I have it all displayed, I would think most of the contents are pretty cool and forget about the price.

But not for this CE... After opening it up to see the contents, I don't see how it's worth the price. Was thinking that I would change my mind after seeing the stuff in-person but that didn't happen. It isn't bad.. I mean.. the Cap and Security Deposit bag are good quality... but I could list over a dozen things that I would have preferred to see in the Collector's Edition.

For all the talk about me being a huge GTA fan, this was actually the first-ever GTA game I have pre-ordered. GTA IV released before I got a PS3 and I wasn't really into pre-ordering in the past-gen. (Were there even pre-orders back then? So was definitely looking forward to a stunning Collector's Edition for GTA V but unfortunately not..

The extra in-game content is definitely a treat though.. The extra stuff isn't available anywhere else.. at least not yet, so that kind of makes up for it.

The Steelbook is Rockstar's first for any of their games and it will be the first Steelbook that I will be keeping. In fact, I want it to be as mint as possible so I took out the disc and placed it in another casing so I don't have to meddle with the Steelbook unnecessarily..

My super Limited Edition casing of GTA V! 
Still, the CE is more for hardcore GTA fans rather than someone looking for value-for-money. Do I have any regrets getting this? Of course not.. I knew what I was getting from the start. Knew it probably isn't worth the price... but it's Grand Theft Auto!