Wednesday 30 October 2013

Looking forward to Assassin's Creed IV

Post coming a bit late but my Black Chest CE from UK won't be arriving yet so might as well..

The latest installment in the AC series heads over to the Caribbean with a Pirate theme, and this could be the biggest adventure yet. While the previous games have always been set in a mostly-land environment, AC IV could bring us mostly to the seas.

Some AC 3 spoilers later on.. just a warning

While most AC fans are excited about this new setting and theme, others feel that it's moving too much away from the Assassin setting. However, I don't think we have to worry too much. The Assassin theme will always be there. In fact, having watched all the trailers.. I have plenty of questions about the AC lore. Whether all of them will be answered remains to be seen however.

With Desmond dead, what now of the story in the current timeline? What's Juno up to? Not many people enjoy the modern story but it connects all the different Assassins' stories so I will be interested to find out where Ubisoft is heading next now that the world is saved and there's a new problem; Juno.

Then there's this cube at the end of this trailer.. 

Thought it was just some treasure initially and didn't give too much thought into it.. But after seeing UbiWorkshop post a teaser of possibly a replica of it in progress..

... suddenly, it doesn't seem like just any treasure.

Then there's Adewale, who's also an Assassin as we will see in AC IV's Season Pass DLC but surely a lot of him will be revealed in the main game itself. He was just so badass in the same trailer above.

Lastly, we will also have a couple of missions with Aveline. So is she just added to AC IV to entice us that it's value for money or is she somehow connected to Adewale or Edward. I have seen in forums that there is a connection between Adewale and Avleine in the Assassin brotherhood. So, it will definitely be interesting to see the different Assassins' stories being linked in some way. 

Credit to Ubisoft for creating this links to make the Assassin lore more exciting and interesting. Very well-thought out and planned, rather than having separate stories and just trying to connect them with the modern setting.

Most importantly, Edward Kenway himself. His story will be the most interesting by far. What's his link with the pirates and the assassins? What about his son, Haytham Kenway? Will the game give us more insight on why he switched from being an Assassin to a Templar?

Of course, I just want to enjoy the game in the end. However, Ubisoft has created an extremely interesting lore with the Assassins which has made their games a huge success. The game itself will feature the largest open-world setting in the franchise's history with hours and hours of exploration to be done, on land and in the sea. With each game, Ubisoft seems to be expanding the open-world to be bigger and more interactive.

The "Freedom" theme has been always evident in all the AC games but in each game, "Freedom" has been featured differently. With the vast Caribbean and lawless Pirates in AC IV, "Freedom" has been brought to a whole new level. Can't wait to get this game in hand to explore the Pirate life as an Assassin!

Check out the launch trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag!