Friday 16 January 2015

New Mortal Kombat Trailer with Kombatant #11

Kung Lao & Kitana's gameplay revealed in the latest trailer..

Big question at the start.. "Where have you been, Kung Lao?".

I think there's a lot to this question and it seem that Kung Lao has been missing in action for many years, after the events of MK 9. 

Taking into consideration that Kung Lao was one of the Kombatants who died and was later resurrected by Quan Chi, there's a lot to explain about they are seemingly back to normal again.

Another point that I recently noticed is the absence of Liu Kang and the focus shifting to Kung Lao

1) Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2: Liu Kang was converted to the evil side and Kung Lao was the 'good guy' trying to reason with him.

2) World Box 1/6 Figure - With a vast range of characters to choose from, Kung Lao was the 2nd character to be made into a 1/6 figure.

3) MK 9's plot - Liu Kang was 'accidentally' killed by Raiden.. Liu Kang dies again. In the original timeline, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung combine to kill Liu Kang who re-appears as a zombie later. The new timeline had a chance to correct that but instead they kill him off again, even sooner in fact. 

Of course, this can all be a coincidence and it's still too early to write off Liu Kang's appearance, something tells me that an old Kung Lao means that he will be Earthrealm's champion in MK X. Perhaps like a mentor to the new-gen of fighters. 

Which brings me back to Raiden's question as he's been looking for Kung Lao to lead Earthrealm's young kombatants.

and Kitana.. 

Mortal Kombat just wouldn't be the same without the sexy Edenian Princess.

I still prefer her MK9 look but she still looks as gorgeous as ever. I wonder how she looks if she takes it off.. I meant her veil of course.. what are you thinking???

Brutal Fatality there and lots of gameplay action!

Finally, we see Goro who's going to be a playable character. No word about him being available as paid DLC but he comes free for those who preorder the game.

Oh man, such an awesome time to be Mortal Kombat fan. Things are moving fast in anticipation of the game in April. Figures, Statues, Comics, Trailers etc etc.

Where's the Kollector's Edition announcement anyway? Was dead sure we would see news of a CE with this trailer. Less than 3 months away and still no CE news.. Looks like it has NOT begun..