Sunday 11 January 2015

Thoughts on Mortal Kombat X Comic #1

You guys read the comic already?

After a long wait for the first issue of the comic, it was great to finally get the digital copy downloaded.

The first issue of the comic is divided into 3 digital comic issues and unfortunately, like the image above suggests.. we didn't get to see the infamous battle between Scorpion and Sub Zero.

That didn't mean the 27 pages of the digital copy didn't feed us with some action.. In fact, we got to see a fatality just a few pages into the comic and even a X-ray!

There were several old characters appearing in the comic, some of whom have not made an appearance in the current timeline yet (MK 9).. and from the looks of it.. may never appear in MK X or in another game.

(A few minor spoilers after this image, to give you a feel of where the comic is heading.. I'll leave out the important bits however.)

As seen in teaser images, the comic starts off with Kenshi running from the Red Dragon clan with a young boy. The Red Dragon clan catches up with them and just as things don't look good for them, in comes Scorpion with a bang.

Red Dragon backs off and we see Scorpion as a human, in charge of the Shirai Ryu clan once again with new recruits.

Kenshi soon leaves to avenge a death and leaves the boy, Takeda, in Scorpion, or rather Hanzo's care.

It's revealed that Kenshi helped Hanzo conquer "Scorpion" and there's a cool dialogue of Kenshi telling Hanzo about how he should know about devoting yourself to vengeance, (Referring to Hanzo's quest for vengeance that ultimately turned him into the wraith, Scorpion.

The scene changes to a Red Dragon temple where Sub Zero gets into a vault protected by Red Dragon minions only to be caught off-guard by Kano. Here it is also revealed that Sub Zero was with Quan Chi in the past but is now working for Raiden. Kano cuts Sub Zero across the eye, mocking him that he was lied to by Raiden and that it's time for Sub Zero to learn the "truth about the Curse of the Kamidogu".

The first issue is a treat for long-time fans and this prequel comic series is meant to piece MK9 and MKX together, filling up the gap between the 2 games. There's plenty of questions raised within these first few pages already.

1) How did 'Hanzo defeat Scorpion'?
I believe that this is used metaphorically to claim that Hanzo is now nott hell-bent on revenge, probably after learning the truth. In glimpses in the comic, you can still see that he has his 'wraith powers.

2) How crucial is the boy, Takeda? Will he be part of the new-generation of  fighters in the MK X game?
Very possible, considering he is now under Scorpion's care, who tells Takeda that the Shirai Ryu do not run, they fight. Takeda will probably be trained to be a fighter with a mix of Kenshi's and Scorpion's powers.

3) Everything about Sub Zero? Who is this Sub Zero? Bi-han, Kuai Liang or someone else? What was his connection with Quan Chi and why is he looking for the dagger for Raiden?
I really have no clue about which Sub Zero this is. Was Bi-Han released from Quan Chi's clutches as Noob Saibot? Or was the cyborg Kuai Liang from MK9 given back his human form after he supposedly died and got resurrected by Quan Chi?

Perhaps, Quan Chi had Kuai Liang under his control after resurrecting him?

4) The Kamidogu?
What's the Curse of the Kamidogu as mentioned by Kano? And what is the deal with it? I'm not an expert in the MK lore but from the Mortal Kombat wiki, it's mentioned that Onaga used Shujinoko to unite the Kamidogu which will bring Onaga back into power. 

Onaga? That will make me 1 very happy person..

So many questions and hopefully we will receive the answers soon. Definitely can't wait for the 2nd issue.

The comic stays true to the violent theme of the games and there's plenty of blood and gore in these few pages already. We have already seen a fatality of a known character. (Poor guy, he barely had a few panels of 'screen time'.)

So far, the comic looks to be made for fans of the series, rather than first-time entrants into the Mortal Kombat lore. That's perfect for someone like me, who's looking to see what happens after MK9 and fill in the missing parts before MKX. 

Also, I certainly think that the comic has set itself up very nicely for a long future. There's plenty of stories to tell about the Mortal Kombat lore, about the events after MK9. Hopefully, we will get to hear them all.