Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Assassin's Creed Unity Guillotine & Cloth Map Kit.

Ahh.. so you have been waiting for this? Well.. this is what I have named the kit because collectors can't decide if this is a launch kit or a retail kit. 

Whatever the case.. Let's see the pics!

The Kit comes in a box like this..

Taking out the items from the package.. Something wrapped in cloth..

Cloth Map

Wooden Guillotine Replica

It's been a while since I got something special like this.. something that isn't sold at retail. Makes it all the special as I have been really wanting this for the collection since I first saw it online. 

Cloth maps are 1000x better than paper maps for sure. And the Wooden Guillotine looks amazing. Wish I could move the blade, but this is still wonderful stuff!

This is gonna look good beside the rest of the AC Unity collection. Will get some pics of the collection soon. Still looking to get more stuff to expand the AC Unity collection!


  1. It truly is awesome. May I ask where you obtained your copy and if you know where I may get one myself?

    I have heard a lot of rumors from it being a French press kit to a pre-order bonus from Singapore!

    1. Hey thanks. I got mine from someone selling on a forum. He isn't a regular on that forum, so he pretty much came to the forum to sell it, and disappeared.

      I'm not exactly sure of the origins of it but I have seen a pic of it with a letter in English so I don't think it's a French Press kit. Preorder bonus in Singapore? Nah, that's just the Guillotine Bottle Opener.. Pics in the link below.

    2. hey can u sell it to me ? tell me if ur interest if not tell me too here my gmail lightningedge123@gmail.com

    3. Sorry Bryan, this is not for sale

    4. how much did u buy it ?

    5. do u have assassins creed for sale ?

    6. Yes I have the following items for sale in the link below..