Wednesday 11 March 2015

PSN Purchases - 10 March 2015

Did some last min shopping just before the Helldivers 10% discount ends..

I liked what I have seen of Helldivers so far but just wanted to be sure. Been asking around and everyone who has played it, really enjoy it. 

Enough reasons for me then, so decided to get it with the 10% discount.

I'm also enjoying Evolve a lot, so it was just a matter of time before I got the Season Pass. Price is a little high with only the 4 new Hunters and the Magma Skins for the 3 Monsters but the amount of time I'll put in this game, should make it worth it.

A little sad to see people not enjoying the game as much I am. I'm in midst of a post about my thoughts on the game, so that should be up pretty soon.

That's quite a lot to play, especially with GTA Online Heists out as well. But still, add me if you wanna do some Helldiving or Monster-Hunting (PSN: Jengoboy)