Thursday 19 November 2015

GameStart Day 2 & 3 Plus all the Loot!

So, having more or less covered everything in the 1st day, I didn't have much to look forward to in the next few days..

Except Playstation VR!

Given the fact that this is the first time gamers in Singapore had the chance to try the Playstation VR, queues were perpetually long. Thankfully, I pre-registered for the trial and didn't have to wait much.

My first session was with Capcom's horror game, Kitchen. Just thought it would be fun to see how scary it would be. I expected more out of the horror experience but they toned down the volume and the resolution wasn't all that great. So, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Maybe they didn't want anyone to faint at the event, eh?

Kitchen was more of a virtual demo. Detecting the movement of the Dualshock 4 controller I was holding, I could move my hands about in-game but the demo didn't allow me to interact much with the objects in the game. (That's also because my in-game character's hands were tied up!)

Came back again on Sunday and this time I wanted to try something different and went with the popular London Heist. Good choice!

I was given two Playstation Move controllers, which acted as my right and left hand. Holding the trigger down on my left allowed me to shoot with my automatic pistol while my right allowed me to pick up new magazines to reload into my gun. 

It was a lot more immersive. The response was a bit laggy but I thought it had a lot of potential. With a full 360 degree view, it did feel like I was sitting in a car.

It was an enjoyable experience though each session was only about 5-10 mins which is barely enough time to get a good feel of the device. Hoping to get a longer session with the PlayStation VR in the near future.

Apart from PlayStation VR, I also managed to try the Occulus Rift at the MAGES booth

They were only demo-ing a student project so I couldn't get a good feel of this, The demo was something like a birds-eye view of a building and I could feel the height as I moved away from the building.

Downside to the PlayStation VR is that the Occulus Rift isn't suitable for those wearing specs. Something they should really take note.

Met a familiar face from last year.. Leon's friend, not sure how to spell his name, sorry!

Well.. he made his own Pip-Boy there. His cosplay outfit was made just the night before. That's really amazing and lots of dedication there!

One of the disappointments at this year's GameStart was the lack of enough playable demos for unreleased games. 

A whole booth was dedicated to a game-play trailer screening of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

It was more of a resting area though but this was one of the games, along with Uncharted 4, Overwatch & others which I was hoping to see playable at the event.

There wasn't a lot of new stuff to try so I was just re-visiting some of the booths.. Thankfully, I met up with some friends and it was more enjoyable walking around with them.

Another highlight though.. I won a T-Shirt at the Blizzard booth. They were throwing a couple of T-Shirts into the crowd and I was lucky to have 1 fall right beside me. Had to move fast and I think I snatched it away from someone who had it right under their nose. Sorry man!


Louis won a cooler World of Warcraft T-Shirt though..

Also watched a bit of the Just Cause 3 stage show. I actually thought it looked fun. The way the buildings destructed looked more realistic than most games.

Rico, the main character, has a wide range of gadgets to pull out including a grappling hook, a wing-suit & a parachute. Using these, there's plenty of stylish ways to travel in the game. 

The game looks like lots of fun, even though it looks like there isn't much of a story. All that destruction reminds me of an old PS2 game.. Mercenaries. Anyone remembers that game?

Ended up leaving close to 4pm on the last day, it was a good GameStart 2015. Tried almost everything it had to offer but felt it didn't have the 'WOW' factor of last year.

The booths didn't give out freebies as freely as last year but I still managed to get a good stash.

Mostly T-Shirts.

Just Cause 3 Summer of Chaos Tee

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Tee

Star Crafts Tee

Street Fighter Shadaloo Tee

and also this cool Tearaway Unfolded pen

Some PlayStation Goodies

Also met Shah who was just back from PAX Australia and helped me pick up some AC Syndicate stuff. Thanks man!


and a Sticker..

Cool stuff! Might be giving away some of the items.. ;)

I'll update on another post about my overall thoughts of this year's GameStart and anything else that I might have missed! Check back soon!