Monday, 11 April 2016

World Box reveals variant Sub Zero 1/6 Figure

World Box started off the 1/6 Mortal Kombat 9 line with the Sub-Zero figure a while back.. However, just 3 figures into the line, they have now revealed a variant figure for the previously released one. named Sub-Zero (Brother).

Not very obvious, to be honest, but there are subtle differences in the new figure (on the right).

Take a look at the close-up pics..

You can see the mud splatter on some of his clothes and a ice effect on certain parts. The eye scar evident on this figure confirms it to be Kuai Liang, the younger Sub-Zero. Which is actually very cool (Pardon the pun!). Not many figure companies have actually made 2 Sub-Zero figures that represent the brothers.

That's 1 reason for having to own both!

However, that alone isn't going to convince collectors to get a 2nd Sub-Zero figure so here's some more cool stuff!

A frozen Kung Lao head! That is just sick! One of the main features of the World Box's 1/6 figure line is the inclusion of Fatality accesories, which are incredible!

Another reason to own this Sub-Zero figure even if you have the original.

If you missed the first one and can only choose either, this should definitely be the better option, showing off Sub-Zero's ice powers.

Here's a reference of the original Sub-Zero's accessories.

Come to think of it.. not 100% better. How could you miss out the Spine Rip fatality??!!

I was a little skeptical about the "variant" figure but looks like they have convinced me, regarding the Brother that I should get both.

For upcoming figures, I would prefer to see new characters rather than "variants" but I would love to see 'accessory packs' where they give us more accessories to use with our current figures. 

It's taking a long while for World Box to churn out these figures but I'm hoping that we aren't reaching the end anytime soon.

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  1. This variant version of Sub-Zero scares me, as I really love their 1/6 scale MK figures. I have their 3 first figures, but I remember reading about Jade being the next after Scorpion. Why do they get into this variant crap? Its a bad sign! Mezco did this with their 1/12 scale MKX figures, and those variants did so bad that they had to shut down the entire 1/12 line. For everybody who have already bought Sub-Zero, I highly doubt they'll buy a second one. I won't for sure! All I want is one clean representation of each MK9 figure for my display. Certain effects I can make on my own if I want to. When they start making variant figures, I can only see it one way and one way only! They re-use the molds to save money and earn a few extra bucks! Im thinking that we'll never see anything of that mentioned Jade figure, and not to mention any further possible figures beyond her. My reason for thinking so, is because we haven't seen any prototype images after the Scorpion release from Worldbox. Did they really shut down this line already? They don't have a website, facebook page or any other media to show for (as far as I know). All the pictures comes from independent blogs and from people that for some reason have gotten a hold of some pictures. Is there anything that supports that Worldbox will be releasing more MK9 figures at all? It seems to me that the 3 figures we've gotten so far is all we'll ever get, besides from maybe a variant of both Scorpion and Kung Lao, which I won't be getting either...