Tuesday 5 July 2016

PCS Collectibles' Mortal Kombat teases and updates

Starting to do this a bit more frequently now but here's more updates from PCS Collectibles in regards to their Mortal Kombat products!

June was a big and expensive month for myself. Pre-ordered all 3 Exclusive Cyborgs and was lucky enough to score an Artist Proof on 2 of them..

Very glad but at the same time, the OCD is kicking in for a Sektor AP to conplete the set. Contact me, maybe?

Not a lot left on these so if you intend to pick these up, better get them quick. Sometimes the ES (Edition Size) gets cut when they are nearing production so that PCS won't have too much extra stocks to store. 

Not only did they turn out amazing, but like Jerry from PCS said.. fans might never get another 1/4 Cyborg ever again..

With 3 POs done, their latest Mortal Kombat X piece was also up for Pre-order.

That base alone, looks phenomenal and with Scorpion atop it, this is 1 badass piece. Just pre-ordered the EX version but I was quite disappointed that they only had 1 EX version. 

They could have dangled another variant in front of me and I would have bit. My wallet thanks the heavens though..

Another piece almost close to selling out, pick this up if you can!

Hopefully, there will be a good long break before the next Mortal Kombat PO comes up.. and here's a few teases on what might be next..

Mortal Kombat X Life-Size Busts

PCS Collectibles have some of the best-looking life-sized Video Game Character Busts out there. While initially it seemed that we might not be getting any more from Mortal Kombat, 2 MKX Busts have been teased. No surprise that they will be Scorpion & Sub-Zero!

The initial teases..

Sculpting has already begun..

Check out that concept art on the wall..

Work in progress of the two..

I bought only the MK9 Scorpion Bust and skipped on the Sub-Zero one. Will wait for the full reveal to decide if I'll do both or just Scorpion again.

Here's another very early tease..

Concept art of 2 options for a 1/3 Goro from Mortal Kombat X. There's a poll going on at StatueForum and PCS wants to know which option collectors would prefer.

I liked Option 1's pose better but Option 2's base kicks ass. Maybe a mixture of both?

That said.. I'm in 2 minds of a 1/3 MKX Goro. A prospect of owing a 1/3 Goro regardless of version is mouth-watering, Just imagine the presence of a 1/3 Goro

However, I would have preferred for the MKX Statues to stay in the 1/4 scale to go with the others. 

Regardless of what decision is taken, I'll be watching this very, very closely..

As always, Jerry has some answers to the many questions we have.. 

A 1/4 Klassic Kitana has always been in the plans and here's a recent confirmation once again.

Not a lot of teases on what's next, apart from what I have already updated in my previous posts but it's been mentioned a few times that if sales goes well, PCS Collectibles will keep doing more characters. 

I guess that's fair enough, a company has to make a certain amount of profit to keep a line going... 

Mortal Kombat has plenty of interesting characters that have yet to be done so I'm praying hard that we will be able to get as many as we can!