Saturday 23 July 2016

SDCC 2016: PCS Collectibles - Mortal Kombat

PCS was at SDCC 2016 too! Only a small booth though and no new Mortat Kombat reveals.. We might have to wait till NYCC 2016 for that.

The Mortal Kombat X Scorpion 1/4 Statue was on show though..

What a beauty! Glad I got the EX pre-ordered early as it's sold out now. The Standard Edition is still available at PCS' website, with some discounts with the various payment plans. Don't miss out on this if you are a Mortal Kombat fan!

Edit: Added a video to show Scorpion in all his glory. All credit to the uploader..

Several Street Fighter statues & figures were also on display, you can head over to ToyArk to see the pics..

Don't usually post non-gaming stuff on the blog but I got to make an exception here, for Sons of Anarchy! Loved this show and the biker theme in general and I really want to see more SoA figures from PCS Collectibles, hopefully the whole crew.

So check it out and get these if you are a fan! 

The likeness to the actors is spot on! Have these pre-ordered as well, with strong hopes for this line.