Sunday 11 June 2017

E3 2017: Live Press Conference Schedule

So... E3 2017 starts soon.. but for those who will be watching the Press Conferences online, here is the schedule timings in your timezone (hopefully)

For us Singaporeans, we will be following the Hong Kong timezone..
Very un-earthly times, but thankfully my job allows me to take leave during this period so I'm ready!

EA's conference will be tonight but I'll be giving that a miss.

Tomorrow morning's Microsoft and Bethesda might be worth checking out though I'm not a fan of Bethesda's games.

Gonna stay up all night, the next day, for the PC, Ubisoft and the Sony shows. The latter 2 are the big ones for me. Hoping for some nice surprises that should make or break this year's E3 for me.

Nintendo will be another one I'm skipping. Devolver?

If you guys are catching the shows live, I'll be online too! Special thanks to the uploader for updating this chart with the various timings!