Monday 18 September 2017

UbiCollectibles announce more Assassin's Creed Origins Collectibles

More AC Origins' stuff have been announced from UbiCollectibles in addition to the Bayek Statue that was revealed a few months back..

It didn't seem like we were getting a companion piece to Bayek initially but the 2nd part of the diorama has now been shown. 
Of course, back then, we didn't know about Aya, his wife.

A Hidden Blade was always part of the collection, so no surprises here.. 

Looks like it will be limited, but it doesn't say how many..

Lastly.. Apple of Eden!

Quite different from the movie version, this one follows the design of the Apple of Eden artifact from the games.. 

One of the must have collectibles for any AC fan!

Good stuff! I'm still crossing my fingers for a Pyramid collectible so hopefully it turns up sooner or later!