Tuesday 28 November 2017

Asmus Toys announces Devil May Cry 1/6 line with DMC4 Dante

Asmus Toys have announced a new Devil May Cry 1/6 Action Figure line, planned for the next 2 years.

Dante from DMC 4 will be the first release but several characters from the DMC games will be produced as well.

From their Facebook page..

We are very proud to introduce the franchise of Devil May Cry will be an essential part of Asmus Toys for the next two years. Characters like Nero, Virgil, Dante from DMC 1,2,3 are all planed to be made in the finest detail of 1/6 scaled world too.And there is no better way to begin our journey by refresh one of our earliest hero - Dante.
The 1/6 scaled Dante collectible figure will be sold in two ways, a regular version and a Luxury Edition. Both versions include the figure in game accurate clothing and weapons. However, in Luxury Edition you will be getting a monstrous diorama platform. You can either display Dante standing on top of it, or play with it as Dante is having his way killing this beast.
Dante from DMC4 has a significant meaning to the team of Asmus Toys. He was the very first 1/6 action figure that were made by the team, it was earlier even than the name of Asmus. Just a concept to let you know, that we will give everything to perfect this figure.

As mentioned, there will be a Standard and Luxury Edition release. Here are the pics of the Standard version.

The Standard version is limited to 1000pcs but the Luxury Edition will be limited to 500pcs. 

Luxury Edition

Nice base! Looks like a statue though. Not sure how much the pose will be limited with the base but looks like a cool accessory to own.

However, I'm not very convinced with the face sculpt. Looks nothing like Dante from the games if you ask me. Other than that, it looks like a cool figure overall. 
With the other characters also planned, this could turn out to be a very awesome line. Looking around, there's quite a bit of DMC collectibles recently, so personally, this has to be perfect if I want to invest in it. 

Comments on Social Media seem to agree with me; a lot of people also have an issue with the face sculpt so I'm really hoping Asmus Toys listen to the feedback and re-do the face sculpt.

What do you guys think? Also, there's rumours of a Devil May Cry 5  to be released sometime next year so exciting times to be a DMC fan!