Thursday 30 November 2017

Dead by Daylight updates for Console - 30 Nov 2017

So it's been a few weeks since I did this.. sorry about that.. been quite occupied with the release of Assassin's Creed Origins. Having lots of fun with that but let's get to the latest updates from LiveStream #79!

Mathieu is back from his trip to Korea, showed some pics from the G-Star Convention.. 

Here were 2 busts of Dead by Daylight characters, that students from a school, did as projects.

Mathieu was impressed with these and it's great to see that. I would love to see the Killers being made into figures or statues. If you have seen my page, you would have realised I'm an avid collector of figures & statues.. So I'll definitely be very interested in getting these if they were produced.

The team will also be attending the upcoming Playstation Experience so hopefully there will some interesting news for the Console version. Maybe some exclusives?

Before we move on..
Some updates from Stream #78 and #77 which I missed but still relevant..

Now available in Asia - Dead by Daylight is now available in Asia's PSN Store. Can't believe it took that long for a release here but glad it finally did. Hoping to play with more people in my region!

There doesn't seem to be a physical disc release in Asia for the game. 
However if you are old-school like me, and prefer a Physical Disc version, Play-Asia has a sale this week for the US version.

Nice timing! A very fun & addictive game to play with friends.

Alright back to updates from #79..

Bloodweb Changes
- The Speed of Bloodweb Animations have been improved to be more responsive and easier to use.
- Removed pop-up when purchasing something from the Bloodweb, except when it is showing the contents of a Mystery Box.

Map Re-work
- This is something they are talking about
- Mathieu explains that the goal is to have 'short, exciting chase sequences' rather than long-winded ones
- To achieve this, part of the map re-work is to look into 'Pallet Placements'.

Dailies Change
- Used to be 3 tiers, with higher tiers giving better rewards
- The higher tiers are now removed with only Tier 1 challenges remaining
- Some Tier 1 challenges have been made simpler, with rewards reduced
- This was to allow more players to complete their dailies within a day.

Road Map

No specific details this time but I'll update again in future posts when they are discussed.

Issues/Bugs (In Testing)

These are the issues that the developers have found a fix but are currently in testing. Once it's fully tested and concluded that it doesn't 'break' anything else, it will be released in a future patch.

Issues/Bugs (In Progress)

And here are the issues that are still being worked on, or issues that they are aware of.


Some of the interesting questions that were answered

More 'Active' Perks? - Matt said yes to more perks like Dead Hard but also noted that using more than 1 of this Perk in the same loadout will pose button layout challenges.

Console Skins? - Yes, coming soon. 
I have no idea what this is but I'm thinking customization options?

Balance Changes & Bug Fixes from the Latest Patch.

As mentioned, I haven't touched the game in a while so this time, I hope you guys can tell me in the comments below how you feel about the changes!