Friday 30 March 2018

Dead by Daylight updates for Console - 30 Mar 2018

It's been a while since I did these updates but I'm back. As always, let me know in the comments below if you find this useful!

This week's Stream announced Deathgarden, a new 5v1 asymmetrical shooter by the Behaviour Digital studio. Of course, this is the same studio that brought us Dead by Daylight.

In case, anyone is concerned... Dead by Daylight won't be forgotten. There's going to be different teams working on each of the games, something that happens in a lot of gaming studios.

Dead by Daylight is still going to bring us plenty of new content. In fact, just last week, they announced the plans for Year 3 of Dead by Daylight, starting in June 2018.

This week's Stream elaborated on that announcement and here are all the details!

Plans for Year 3 (Starting in June)

- 4 New Chapters: 4 new killers, 4 new survivors & 4 new maps
- Economy: Entire economy will be revamped with a "global player level" progression mechanic to be added.
- Unlockable Content: All non-licensed unlockable characters (past & future) will be unlockable through the above-mentioned progression mechanic or via paid DLC like it is currently.
- Licensed Characters: While the plan is to offer the licensed characters through this same mechanic, it will have to be acceptable to the license owners. This may take a while, or might not even happen.
- Cosmetics: These will remain purely aesthetic and 100% optional. Most of these will also be available to unlock via the progression mechanic, but there will also be paid outfits. (Sneak peek below). These cosmetics will be released with each chapter and will be fit with the chapter's theme.

More pics below..

- Ranking System: The current ranking system will be revamped to offer a more interesting, longer and more inclusive progression.

- Leaderboard: A new leaderboard with a season-format will be introduced with season rewards to be unlocked as you rise in ranks. The previously-mentioned emblems system is the first step towards this ladder system.

Other Improvements
- An anti-cheat reinforcement
- Tutorial Mode for new players before going to ranked games
- Better tools to handle toxicity
- Dedicated mid-chapter updates to polish and add balance updates to the game.

Not forgetting Seasonal Events like the Winter Solstice and Howling Ground events. Unfortunately, there won't be any Easter event.

The Road Map for Year 3..

The developers have confirmed that there will be no new chapters released from now till Summer 2018, which will see the release of Chapter 8.

However, they will be working on these in the meantime:
- 'Loss of progress bug'
- 'Anti-cheat' reinforcement
- Emblem System

The team will be at PAX in Boston next week with something new. They were tight-lipped about what this is so congrats to all those who can make it there.

More screenshots from the Stream on the new Killer outfits..

This Doctor outfit looks sick, a bit military-like. Of course, there's going to be new Survivor customization as well.

Another big announcement was on Behaviour Digital purchasing the publishing rights to the game back from Starbreeze Studios. Huge congrats to them!

So that's it for Stream #94! Just 6 weeks away from Stream #100 which won't have anything special, according to Mathieu Cote, with a 'Wink'!

I'm very excited for these new changes. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us during the Anniversary event. Hopefully some rad cosmetics! Those in the sneak peek above look really nice. Can't wait to get those!

Hoping to see more original Killers though. As much as I enjoy playing as the likes of Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger, my favourites are still their original creations.

Very excited about the Seasonal Leaderboards as well, can't wait to see what rewards they will be giving out. Some exclusive cosmetics will be nice, for the best of the best players. So that they can rock those outfits in the game, for bragging rights!

Video Announcement

Full Details on the Dead by Daylight Official Site.

Exciting times ahead for us, players! What's your favourite announcement? Tell me in the comments below!