Sunday 24 June 2018

Collection Pics: Storm Collectibles' Mortal Kombat 1:12 Klassic Shao Kahn

After several ninjas, Storm Collectibles have finally released something different..

The Big Bad Boss of Mortal Kombat, Shao Kahn!!

As always, the figure comes in a vibrant art box, that is amazing, with or without the figure..

Shao Kahn and all his accessories..

The Throne

Very nice piece. Got to say.. when the first image of Shao Kahn and his throne emerged, I was skeptical if they would actually include the throne piece in the final product. Here it is though.. 

Nicely detailed and it's not just a background prop. As you will see in pics below, Shao Kahn can actually be sat on it.

Here is the Big Boss himself..

His helmet is removable..

Also with an alternate portrait..

The helmet can be put on both heads.. but it doesn't really make a huge difference as you can't really see his expression underneath the helmet..

So, 3 (technically 4) different portrait looks for Shao Kahn..

Closer look at Shao Kahn's details..

A lot more details and parts as compared to the more simpler klassic ninjas.. 

As always with the Storm Collectibles' figures, a lot of articulation on the figure, several hand accessories where you can hold his wrath hammer, clench his fists, even the 'You Suck!' pointing finger..

As mentioned above, he sits nicely on his throne giving in more bad-ass display options..

Really very well-done, he's a lot bigger than the ninjas like he should be. With the throne, you can  do all kinds of dioramas. I will be posting more pics with the rest of the line-up soon, so do check the blog again soon.

They have made him big and bulky and it's a very imposing figure even for it's size. One of the must-gets for any Mortal Kombat fan.. Very excited to see Goro next and I'm very confident in it's quality after seeing this.

Like Scorpion, I got 2 of this..

The Shao Kahn on the right, is a homage to another famous collectible, let's see if you got the reference :)

As promised, I will be posting unboxed pics of Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot soon, with more pics of them lined up together, very soon..


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