Tuesday 18 December 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man Collector's Edition Collection Pics

You guys have probably seen this already but here's some shots of my Marvel's Spider-Man Collector's Edition!

A Collector's Edition which was quite unnecessarily hyped up but still a decent CE..

As always, the outer slip box first..

Inside is the Art Box..

The mini Art Book with plenty of concept art 

A SteelBook, simple but very elegant with a nice red finish and the new White Spider Symbol on the front.

Of course, not forgetting the Spider-Man Statuette.

I know, not many have taken to the new Spidey look but I love it. I like the white symbol and while I did try out most of the suits, this one was still my favourite in the game.

So, I mentioned about the CE being over-hyped and here's why..

So, if you had been trying to pre-order this or following the story, you should know they never fully released what the full statuette looked like.

This was all we got..

The base of the statuette was kept a secret right till the release and of course, everyone has their guess on what it would be.. 

Fans thought it could be the final villain, from Venom to Green Goblin to Captain America (Ok.. maybe not Cap) or a building connected to some huge reveal in the game.

So when I got my CE and opened it, there was this spoiler warning slip..

I always like to be surprised whether it's for games or movies. I love a nice twist.. so I wanted to keep it a secret and didn't take out my Spidey statuette..

And then, everyone who had already seen it, said it was a disappointment.. some friends even claiming they aren't sure what it exactly was..

True enough..

It was just rubble, and if you look closely enough, you can see that it's from the villains that we saw in the trailers. I think if you look closely enough, you can vaguely make out Doc Ock's arms in all that. 

Doc Ock was technically not revealed as a Villain but really... how much of a surprise was that? I do appreciate the relationship between Spidey and him and how the plot turned but it wasn't really a surprise that warranted so much hype about keeping the statue a secret.

Without that in consideration, it's still a nice piece. A little small compared to other CE Statues but these days, I'm starting to appreciate these figures which take up less space.

A decent CE which came with needless hype. What do you guys think?