Wednesday 12 June 2019

RDR Online: (Jun 4- Jun 10) Public Enemy Mode, Railroad Baron Free Roam Event, Bellerose Hat Gift.

After an eternity, RDR Online is finally out of Beta Mode and there's a lot of new additions in the past few weeks. I swear I thought they forgot all about it and were going to be in Beta forever.

These were the new additions and events happening this week on RDR Online..

Login Gift

Just for logging in this week, you will get a unique blue tint of the Bellerose Hat, as seen above.

Public Enemy Mode

A new mode is added to RDR Online where 2 opposing teams fight each other with 1 Player on each side is rotated to be the Public Enemy.

Teams will earn points for

- killing the Public Enemy or when the
- Public Enemy makes kills.

Tried it out the other day..

Gold Bar Promotion

Until June 10, you will get 1 Gold Bar for each level that you gain in RDR Online.

Until next week! Come join me or my Singapore Social Club Crew to play RDR Online together!


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