Saturday 28 September 2019

SDCC 2019: My Top Collectible Picks!

So.. SDCC 2019 came and went.. and oh my god.. Amazing!!

Some of the previous SDCCs were severely lacking in the gaming department but last year saw a significant increase in gaming collectibles and 2019 has even more great stuff!

I'm sure you guys have seen most of the newly announced or revealed collectibles but here's my top picks of SDCC 2019.

Marvel Legends: 6" Gamerverse Spider-Man Figures (Hasbro)

The Marvel Legends 6" action figure series has dozens (if not hundreds) of Marvel figures from over the years and it has seen the Advanced Suit Spider-Man figure added to it's selection before this.

2 more Spider-Man figures from the PS4 game (Gamerverse) will be added to the collection in the near future. They will feature the Velocity Suit and the MKIII Armour.

Velocity Suit

Similar to the Advanced Suit, this is also a original suit created for the game. There's even a Marvel Comic mini-series starting at the end of August on the origins of this suit. 

MKIII Spider-Armour

This one originated from the comics but also featured as one of the unlockable suits in the game.

Definitely getting the Velocity suit as it's an original suit for the game. Will be nice to have a collection of all the different suits that appeared in the game so the MKIII Armour is also tempting.

Gamerverse Spider-Man Statues (Pop Culture Shock Collectibles)

A surprise announcement just right before SDCC 2019 weekend; that PCS had acquired the license to the Marvel Gameverse. No other details were announced but that caught my attention.

2 Statues were revealed at the Con..

1/12 Spider-Man Statue (Advanced Suit)

Oh wow really nice. Should be quite affordable and it's expected to be released at the end of this year. Very dynamic pose and not too busy..

1/3 Spider-Man Statue (Advanced Suit?)

Much bigger and you can see the size comparison in the first pic.. Not feeling this yet but will have to see it when it's fully painted. 

Will be a very nice addition to the rest of the Gamerverse Spider-Man collection but I want to see what else PCS has in plans for the Marvel Gamerverse license. Plus, considering it's too big and too expensive, I'm asking myself if I really need this?

Gamerverse 1/6 Spider-Man Figures (Hot Toys)

More Spidey figures. Hot Toys have already revealed and pre-orders are open for the Advanced Suit Spider-Man and a few other variations from the game. 

Now there's even more, including the Velocity Suit.

Velocity Suit

Negative Suit

Iron Spider

Once again, the Velocity Suit is my priority but the rest are really cool. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a collection like this?

Pic from Comic Con Seoul 2019

Gamerverse Spider-Man Figures (Diamond Select Toys)

Got a couple here from DST..

Advanced Suit Spider-Man Figure

This is from the Marvel Select series, should be slightly bigger than the Marvel Legends figures. Don't see much of a difference to be honest but since I'm going all in.. why not right?

Gamerverse Spider-Man & Rhino Statues

These are under the Marvel Gallery line (so many different series!).

Definitely getting the Spider-Man one. Love how the base also has the Spidey logo.. Not too sure about Rhino though, unless they do plan to release all the Sinister Six villains from the game.

Dead by Daylight Statues (Gecco)

Was really happy when Gecco announced that they will be releasing 1/6 statues from the Dead by Daylight game. It's a game that I have played a lot since its release 3 years ago and having played as a Killer mainly.. These are just awesome!

A couple of statues have been revealed..

3 Killers; The HillBilly, The Trapper and The Wraith along with the Generator and the Totem which are interactables within game-play.

HillBilly 1/6 Statue

Trapper 1/6 Statue

Wraith 1/6 Statue

Wow, these have turned out really nice. Always been a fan of Gecco but needed them to do something from a game that I loved.. This could be it!

Sekiro Statues (Gecco Corp)

Why am I a fan of Gecco? Because of statues like these..

The Wolf 1/6 Statue

Again.. Wow! Feel like dropping everything else on my playlist and go play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice now, just so I can justify buying this. But having played the demo, the game's painfully tough.

1/2 Scale Hand Replica

This is a must-have if you are a fan of the game. Man, this looks so sick! Both are expected to release in 2020 and I hope to find some time to go try out this game.

Mortal Kombat Figures (Storm Collectibles)

The line is going strong! Nothing new announced but we are seeing more accessory reveals with the Cyborgs..

The accessories that are coming with the Cyborgs are extensive and huge. I wonder what's the price point like with these but I'm all in for them. Looking forward to the dioramas that you can make with these.

Mortal Kombat Statues (Diamond Select Toys)

Oh this was a surprise. Didn't know that they had the license but here they are..

The Busts look not too bad but the SubZero statue is just wow! Very nice dynamic action pose on this..

Ezio Statue (Iron Studios)

This is really cool! The first Bayek statue by Iron Studios wasn't really that impressive. Very similar pose to the UbiCollectibles' one. 

Obviously, this Ezio doesn't have that much of a creative pose but the base itself does it for me. Definitely getting this one!

That's it! I think... Haven't been this excited after SDCC for quite a while. So many amazing gaming collectibles coming out, I don't even know which I should prioritize first.

What about you guys? What's got you excited and what are you getting? Is there anything that you would have liked to see that wasn't announced?

Credit to ToyArk & ToyNewsi for all photos

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