Wednesday 28 January 2015

Enter Kombatant #12... Reptile!

Stayed up late, lying in bed hoping for the reveal of the next fighter but it didn't happen.

So, this morning.. first thing I did was check my FB newsfeed for the info and it's Reptile. Nope wasn't expecting him at all but it's good that the final of the original 3 ninjas will be in the game.

First glance, I thought he was a Cyborg. Just too much all over him.. But he looks badass!

Reptile has come a long way from the first game where he looked human. After that he has gone from being a scale-y human to almost a Velociraptor. I hated his MK9 look where his mask made him look more bird-like than reptile.

While his latest MKX look is awesome, I still think his mouth-area of the mask still looks like a beak. His outfit is stunning and even though he looks more like a tribal warrior than a ninja now, I'm digging it.

Thankfully his fight-style and moves are still very much the same, based on the game-play video below.

Hoping to see his Variation styles soon!