Thursday 15 January 2015

Blog Updates - 15 Jan 2015

Finally got to it!

I have been procrastinating about this for quite a while now but finally did it last night. A couple of changes to the site that shouldn't affect it that much but I believe it will be easier to follow my updates after these changes.

Bought a domain for the website and linked it to the blog.. From now, you guys can just type in this url to access this site,

The blog is also updated to it's new name, Dr Jengo's World.

The previous "J Veron's World" will disappear from the internet soon enough I guess.

All existing links should still work.. at least that's what the Webhost promised me. Tested it quite a bit this morning and it looks fine. So friends, if you see anything not working, kindly let me know.

There's also a Facebook page for the blog now. Hopefully, this will be better to track the blog updates and I'll be using my normal FB account like a normal person now.

There's a 'Like' button on the right of this page, which you can use. Would like to get to know more fellow gamers and collectors through this page so I'm hoping these changes will make it easier.

There's still plenty of updating to do for the FB page, especially with the Collection pics but I'm working on that as much as possible, so do stay tuned for the end result!

Lastly, a huge thanks to Louis for introducing me to this Web Hosting site, Vodien and helping me with setting this up!

Signing off,
Juan Veron
Dr Jengo