Friday 30 January 2015

Playstation Plus February Line-Up (Free Games!)

February's Lineup of Free Games for PS Plus Subscribers is out!

For the PS4..

I don't know much about these games, so anyone who has played them, feel free to post in the comments below.

For the PS3..

Yakuza 4

I have always enjoyed watching Yakuza movies but I tried the Yakuza 3 demo and wasn't that impressed. Looks like I can give it a try again.

Heard plenty of good things about Thief but never got it as I don't think I will ever get the time to play it. Well.. since it's free, I can now add it to my backlog and hope for that day..

For the PS Vita..

Rogue Legacy
Kick & Fennick
I'm not sure if this line-up is confirmed for all territories but it's confirmed for Europe and US at the moment.

Not bad for this month's line-up, definitely getting both PS3 games for this month!