Tuesday 27 January 2015

Mortal Kombat Digital Comic Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is out! First half of the 2nd issue, so this one is longer than the previous chapters..

Just a quick update of what's going on.. No spoilers till the bottom..

After Raiden's vision, a blast erupts from within Raiden.. injuring Fujin. Raiden quickly heals him.

We, then get introduced to Cassie Cage and Jacqui, Jax's daughter, who we saw in Raiden's vision. Cassie seems to be a arrogant brat like her father, Johnny Cage was/is but a little of the badassery her mum is.

'Is' because we see her later in the Chapter meeting up with Kotal Kahn and 2 of his 'Deadliest Warriors', D'Vorah and Erron Black

And guess who has been giving Kotal Kahn a run for his money, all these years? Another of Raiden's vision showed us a clue of this.

Why is Kotal Kahn meeting with Sonya Blade and what happens after this, I won't spoil it for you..

Meanwhile, Cassie ends up in a deathmatch against Frost.

Issue 2 is divided into 2 chapters unlike the 1st Issue which was divided into 3.. So there's plenty more content for the same price. It seemed to go on longer than I expected it to, which was definitely a good thing.

I'm starting to really like Kotal Kahn's design.. Hopefully PCS Collectibles do a 1/4 statue of him soon. This chapter mostly takes a break from the Kamidogu, but I'm quite certain it will reappear later on in the issue.

Spoilers after the pic.. 

Cassie and Jacqui.. Cassie is in the game, so it's rather obvious who will win the deathmatch but how badly will Frost go down? Frost to be killed? 

Jacqui.. still no sign of her in the game, so will she be another new-gen fighter for MKX or will there be tragedy before Cassie wins? 

Sonya Blade, Kotal Kahn, D'Vorah and Erron Black. The new Cowboy-looking, Erron Black has been relatively quiet in the comic so far. Things are getting heated up and he hasn't made a move. Will he be next to go down?

Kotal Kahn, coming to EarthRealm for help? Doesn't sound Outworld Emperor material to me. Or maybe the dangers are really that bad.. He's staying calm even after he's rejected by Sonya. Could be just the calm before the storm. That image of him, eating someone's heart, still lingers at the back of my mind. 

I really don't see the entire Cage family surviving through MKX. Someone's going down and it all points to Sonya. I would be very surprised if it happened otherwise. What better way to introduce Kotal Kahn into the franchise than to show him devour the heart of the franchise's most beloved bombshell?

Side Note: Who's that big guy behind Sonya Blade? Looks like Sheamus from WWE to me!

Looks like someone's a Sheamus fan, or we just might have the next character reveal, right in front of our eyes. Either way, he looks menacing enough to be a Kombatant.

We have 2 character reveals coming our way this week and I would like to think that at least 1 of it, will be linked to the comics.. Fujin perhaps?  

The comics hasn't been short of fatalities, so it's just of matter of who, rather than if we will see another fatality by the end of the issue.