Wednesday 14 January 2015

MK X Physical Comic #1

Got my Issue 1 of the Mortal Kombat X Prequel Comic!

All 3 variants in fact!

The Sub Zero and Scorpion Covers interlock together to create a beautiful fight scene.

and the 1:10 variant

Apparently 1:10  means for every 10 comics they order, they are entitled to get 1 of this variant. That's something new that I learnt today..

I was a little disappointed with the last variant though. The comic cover was meant to have the cover art of the game but it came out all black. Maybe that's the game's actual cover art but I would have preferred something more fancy.

Looking at it positively, there's plenty of space for a couple of autographs eh? Hopefully one fine day, I will be able to meet the masters of this comic for a signing.

Read Chapter 3 of the first issue and finally got the details. Exciting stuff, that I will share later in another post.

Also helped a friend, Dinesh to get a copy of the comic with the SubZero cover and met him for the very first time, on the way back home. Good to meet you Dinesh! Although we have known each other on FB for some time and bee playing Borderlands together!

Anyway time for some minor spoilers from the comic..

Not major spoilers about the rest of the issue but a preview of what's coming in the next few issues probably.

If you are still here, you shouldn't mind seeing the pics I guess..

Frame on the extreme left is part of the story so I'll leave that out..

Center Frame - Frost? vs Cassie Cage? This battle was teased in the Issue 2 synopsis if I'm not wrong.

Right Frame - Kotal Kahn eating the heart of someone? Can't make out who the person is on the left but the silhouette on the right looks a lot like the newcomers, Ferra and Torr.

Left-most Frame: Reiko and Mileena romancing?

Left Frame: Sub Zero fighting against some Cyber Ninjas. I'm hoping to see the Cyborgs return in MK X so hopefully he doesn't defeat them all.

Right Frame: Kano stabbing the hand of a Shokan? You can see his other hand below so definitely Shokan. 

Right-most Frame: Jax training someone. Another new-gen fighter?

Yes.. it has begun! Edit: And yes. that's Fujin behind Raiden. Raiden talks to Fujin in the previous page.

Absolutely loving the teasers and there was more info hiding in those pics than when I first saw it. 

I have already put down a subscription of SGD $25 at the comic shop, for them to reserve all future copies for me, in the confidence that this series will run a lot longer than the 4 issues planned for the moment. 

Was talking to another friend, regarding the success of the Injustice comics, so i definitely want to see a Mortal Kombat full series.. because the franchise deserves it. There's more lore in the Mortal Kombat Universe than a few games can tell. I like what I have seen so far, and I believe the comics are in the right hands. Can't wait for the next issue!