Wednesday 28 January 2015

Evolve figures from an Unlikely Source..

When I think Funko.. this is what comes to my mind..

Cute, adorable but just not my thing..

These are real though..These Pop! figures based on the game will release in March 2015 at US$9.99 each.

Great for the Funko Pop! Collectors but for me..

These are what I'm interested in..


Part of Funko's Legacy Collection, these figures will be out in April for US$19.99 a pop (See what I did there..) The Goliath figure looks a bit off however but the Hunters look rather decent. I have never bought or seen any of the Legacy Collection figures so I'm not too sure about their quality and articulation.

Will need to see in-hand pics of these and a better look at the weapon accessories to judge their accuracy.

The Maggie figure is missing her pet, Trapjaw however.. and if they can make Goliath's size to reflect the beast he is, I'll definitely be getting these!