Wednesday 10 December 2014

New Updates coming to the Blog for 2015!

2014 is drawing to a close and 2015 is coming.. (Wow! As if  you didn't know..) And I'm planning to do some new changes to the blog, gonna revamp some stuff, add new features etc.. starting with my name.

As some of you know, my real name isn't Juan Veron. I chose that as my Facebook account name, based on my favourite football/soccer player, Juan Sebastian Veron.

A legend! (Shut up Man Utd fans.. I'm a Man Utd fan too)

I initially started up an extra FB account to play some of the football games on Facebook, hence the football name. I gradually started using the account to follow gaming stuff and it has become what it is now over the years.

Some of you already know my real name, which I really don't mind sharing to people I know. I just don't want to publicize it or use it on my blog for various reasons.

So, to get away from the football tag, I would like to 'officially' change my online moniker to Dr Jengo. *eerie silence*
Yes, my PSN ID is Jengoboy, which was created many years ago and now that I have grown up, I have now graduated with a Doctorate in 'blogging and spending my entire free time on games, games and nothing but games'. So henceforth, you can call me Dr Jengo, Jengo, Jengoboy, Doc.. whatever suits your fancy.

Hi, I'm Mr Creepy Guy..
So, with that.. the blog name will also be changed to Dr Jengo's World along with my FB profile, Google profile etc. I still haven't tested if all the transitions can be done smoothly.. which I hope it does as I don't want to create a new account for everything.

YouTube Channel

With the PS4's capability to capture vids, I will need a place to upload my vids. 

I have no plans to start doing walkthroughs or full gameplay vids so the channel will be used to share just random vids I capture on PS4 and maybe some collection stuff, at least for now.

About Me

Read through the About Me section in the blog and I didn't think it was well-written. Kinda rushed through it when I first started the blog, just to have it up there. So, I'm gonna redo it.

I was thinking of doing a FAQ-style introduction rather than paragraphs of words so here is where I really need your help as friends. Do post any serious/weird questions in the comments below and if they fit, I will add them to my About Me section. Or else I have to think up of questions to ask myself.. which will be really weird.

So here's your chance to get to know me better, ask me anything!

Facebook Page

Also planning to create a FB page for my blog where I will share my blog updates. I'm currently sharing links from my FB account which I wanna change. So the FB page will be for blog updates and my profile account will be just for sharing other site links and commenting like a real person.

I enjoy talking to you guys each time I have an update so I'm hoping this new system will not affect that. It's just a page so hope you guys don't feel disconnected because of that. I love the comments and just chatting with all friends on every update, so let's keep it going.

My Collection

Another major pet peeve is the way my Collection page is set up. Currently, you need to click on the tab and then a link to Photobucket, which brings you to a slideshow. Not really feeling it. Doesn't seem like a lot of people are clicking on it either based on the blog stats.

I came up with a new idea on how to set it up, so hopefully that will work better than it currently is. Besides, with new shelves coming in, I think I really should be doing new pics of my collection.

It's going to be a lot of work but I'm excited with the new plan where I share with you the updated collection and comment on what it means to me now.

Hmm.. what else? I will need a new website banner as the blog undergoes it's revamp... can't think of anything else right now, other than some minor changes here and there.

Oh yea.. also going to partner with another group of Gamers to bring more content to the blog. We are still in early discussions, so will update as I know more. 

As I have mentioned, I have always enjoyed blogging about games & my collection even though it can be tiring at times, and it gets in the way of actually gaming. But, the friends I have made over the years have made it all a very enjoyable experience. 

It's been great to share all those thoughts to you guys, receiving your comments and of course, playing with a lot of you as well. It's been fun and I hope it continues for a long time.

Don't forget.. throw me some questions for the About Me section, would really help!